Jacqueline Hider – Supervisor

Jacqueline was born and raised in Kingston where she lived and worked until 2010.


Jacqueline was involved in gymnastics from the age of three, and eventually moved into trampoline and participated in both at a competitive level.  Jacqueline’s love of gymnastics led her to eventually becoming a coach.


Jacqueline started serving at Swiss Chalet twenty years ago to put herself through college and she never left the industry.  It was this initial experience in service that sparked a huge love for food and wine and pushed her to explore different cuisines.  Jacqueline is definitely a ‘foodie’ and enjoys trying all different types of food.  This passion for food led to her other love – Travelling.  Jacqueline has travelled extensively recently returning from a safari in Africa which she says was an experience of a lifetime!


Jacqueline loves interacting with people which made her a natural for the restaurant business. Jacqueline has been part of the Stone House team for over two years.