Chanelle Saxon – Pastry Chef

Chanelle was born and raised in Burlington. After many years of watching the Food Network and trying to recreate dishes as seen on there as a child, she decided to pursue a career in the culinary arts at George Brown College. Chanelle studied the Chef Training program and the postgraduate Italian culinary arts program, where she studied and worked in both Toronto and Italy. After school, she applied to Stone House and has been with the restaurant for over six years! Promoted from a Garde Manger cook to Pastry Chef, Chanelle has demonstrated the dedication necessary for her craft.


Her favourite part of cooking and baking is developing and perfecting recipes. “There is great satisfaction when you can balance the flavours so that they compliment one another, without overpowering each other. Hearing feedback that people loved the desserts I made makes what I do worth it!” As a huge fan of Food Network star, Guy Fieri, she hopes you will come to Stone House so that she too can take you to Flavour Town.