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Mitchell Lamb


Executive Chef:
STONE HOUSE RESTAURANT in Burlington, Ontario and
LAKE HOUSE RESTAURANT in Vineland, Ontario


Mitchell Lamb possesses all the idealistic views of today’s modern chef and certainly does not lack in experience.


Involved in the restaurant industry for over twelve years, Mitchell started working part-time in kitchens and catering operations when he was only 14 years old and then went on to study at the Niagara Culinary Institute. There, he was inspired to pursue a number of culinary apprenticeship opportunities within the wine region. After building a wide variety of experiences, in 2006 Mitchell fell upon the doorstep of owners Joseph and Hanne Nahman at their Lake House Restaurant in the Niagara region. They were both surprised and impressed with what they found this eighteen year-old had to offer. Mitchell worked hard through the ranks at Lake House where he was the Sous-Chef for four years before being promoted to the Executive Chef at the Nahman’s new Stone House Restaurant in January of 2010 when it opened. Mitch also pursued and achieved his Red Seal accreditation in 2009. Mitch was promoted to the position of Executive Chef overseeing both Stone House and Lake House in 2011.


Mitchell’s considerable experience in the catering industry throughout the years has opened the Stone House Restaurant’s doors to a vast number of very pleased corporate and private catered opportunities. Mitch’s dedicated commitment to quality, his clear efforts to support local and sustainable foods, and his benevolent discipline in the training of new apprentices are Mitch’s priorities.